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Hello! I'm Paul Fontaine! Professional Singing Instructor/Coach I have, for over a decade now, been teaching efficient methods of making singing fluid, fun and entertaining. I was taught some reliable and innovative vocal techniques by some of the best in the industry. These are professional vocal training exercises used by world-class vocalists. Vocal Mechanics will Help Any Singer Regardless of Age or Ability.

  1. Singing Lessons Instructor “If a singing teacher hears problems, weak points, that they have to cope with, there should.
  2. Fontaine says he at first thought Kornowski was tone deaf - but promised his.

These are not your usual singing lessons, the exercises are not just warming up the voice within the limits you already have, these techniques were created by leading vocal coaches in the industry to help bridge the gap and create exercises specifically designed to address problem areas and make the singing voice more powerful.

This method is affordable, easy and practical. Because of its unique approach, you will improve quickly and gain proper singing technique like precision in pitch and timing, resonance and lyrical accuracy, power and endurance. The vocal mechanic method takes the mystery out of singing in ALL styles such as Musical Theater, Classical, Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, and R&B. I work with All Ages and Levels! Learn from top vocal trainer in Green Bay, WI area. Go From Beginner to Pro Singer.

Eco-friendly BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- A Green Bay singing coach’s availability is rapidly filling up, as performers across the region hope to test his unique putting your signature on technique. It’s more than just singing the traditional “scales.” Rather, performer/songwriter Paul Fontaine created “vocal mechanics,” after years of studying the voice. “I had gone through industry instructors as well as anyone who experienced any type of hype on them. And analyzed with a dozens various kinds of instructors, with various techniques. And what I did I was I combined these various kinds of techniques,” Fontaine tells Action 2 Information.

As performers across the region hope

Singing pupils, like Aaron Kornowski, say these methods make all the difference. “I gone and discovered classes at a local establishment, and I was with her for about a couple of years, and nothing truly felt like I accomplished anything,” he says. “It was really terrible.” Kornowski discussed an audio documenting with Motion 2 Information, of his first session with Fontaine a year and a half ago. The track demonstrates him learning Fontaine’s normal warm ups, as Kornowski’s voice stretches and cracks.

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Fontaine says he at first thought Kornowski was tone deaf - but promised his student he would broaden his range. “I undertake every student’s voice like it’s my own and I want to correct it mathematically where I am trying to shape things out,” Fontaine says. “I was having a harder time compared to my other pupils. It was going slower and it appeared more difficult.”

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As he was not seeing typical improvement with Kornowski’s voice, Fontaine urged him to see a specialist. “It ends up I have a piece of tissue that is laying on my own false singing power cord, it’s like adhering out on the top of my fake singing cord, laying on top of my chord,” Kornowski states.

This extra bit of tissue was which makes it ten times more difficult for Kornowski to get the kind of seem he wanted. “With traditional lessons, I simply was not going in order to accomplish that,” he says. That is when Fontaine’s techniques truly arrived into use. “[I said to him] we’re going to get in carefully and strengthen your inner box, so that your inner package is strong enough to carry the load,” Fontaine says. One of the primary techniques he utilized, was removing the tongue muscle to concentrate on the singing box. “I have my pupils pull their mouth muscle ahead, and then we make use of a gag reflux around the vowels and it literally opens,” he tells Action 2 Information.

Both student and teacher chalk up the alternation in Kornowski’s voice to this particular distinctive teaching style. “Oh my gosh, it's evening and day,” Kornowski huge smiles. “I mean even this discussion we're getting, probably wouldn't have already been in a position to occur a couple of years ago.” Fontaine says his type of vocal technicians functions, because he concentrates each exercise on the person student - instead of using the same materials for each singer. Singing Lessons Instructor “If a performing teacher hears issues, weak points, that they have to deal with, there should be a method and method to go in and answer to those things,” Fontaine states. “And that’s what vocal mechanics is more so about. Is helping people either strengthen their voice, correct their imperfections, proper any pitch issues.” Singing Lessons Instructor In the year and a fifty percent that Kornowski worked with Fontaine, he states the procedure has “changed [his] lifestyle.” “I’ve constantly felt like I was stuck within myself personally, simply because I couldn’t get it out,” he says. “And Paul’s helped me to discover my voice.” Fontaine believes this type of transformation is possible for any student, if they have dedication. Presently, he works for himself through Guitar Cellar in Eco-friendly Bay, quickly completing with singing pupils who sing out with him daily.

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